You live and breathe your job.

When was the last time you could just live and breathe?

Power Life is about making your healthy lifestyle what you want it to be. Power Life is a community of individuals, where there is a spot for everyone and style of exercise that challenges every body. We are a place to get healthy in a way that works for you. We are a place to meet friends, a place to meet goals and a place to meet yourself.

"I initially came for a sculpt class. I stayed because of the mind/body experience and the wonderful community."
- Julianne H.

Temps Range From 80 to 99 degrees

No Recycled Air So There's No Icky Gym Smell

"No class is the same, and it’s not all just sweaty stretches."
- Eric B.

State of the Art Controls for the Perfect Sweat

"I love that sweaty, exhausted feeling that results from giving it 100%."
- Sally B.

Beginner Classes Every Day

"I truly believed it would not be interactional and the effort was minimal. I was very impressed with the instruction and physical/mental conditioning at Power Life."
- Carolyn S.
"Since I go nearly every day, I feel there is a good ROI on what I pay for the classes."
- Sally B.