Power 1 – Intro to Power Yoga – 85°

60 minutes

Yoga is the combination of breath, meditation, and specific body postures for health and relaxation. At Power Life, we provide a physically challenging and mentally exhilarating practice that we believe is for everybody and EVERY BODY. With a focus on Power Yoga, our classes improve strength, balance, flexibility, and increase cardiovascular health and core strength.

New to yoga? Want to build strength, activate your core muscles and increase flexibility? Power Life’s Power 1 class is a gently-heated, moderately-paced class designed to give you the time and support to understand the proper alignment of each posture. Our teachers will also introduce you to the vinyasa “flow,” which means transitioning through postures using one breath and one movement. Power 1 is a fun and interactive class and a great place to start your Power Life journey.

Great for Beginners

"The beauty of the yoga journey is that it’s specific to the individual."
- Eric Boehlert, Ankeny, IA

Learn Proper Alignment and Posture

Heated Power 1 classes 99

Moderately Paced