Power 1.5 – Intro to Heated Power Yoga – 92°

60 minutes

Yoga is the combination of breath, meditation, and specific body postures for health and relaxation. At Power Life, we provide a physically challenging and mentally exhilarating practice that we believe is for everybody and EVERY BODY. With a focus on Power Yoga, our classes improve strength, balance, flexibility, and increase cardiovascular health and core strength.

Taken a few Power 1 classes? Already familiar with power yoga? Power Life’s Power 1.5 class builds upon the blueprint of the Power 1 class and mixes in heat, a faster, more challenging flow and introduces more demanding postures. Power 1.5 classes will strengthen your body’s foundation, build core strength and improve your metabolism. Oh, you’ll get a great sweat, too!

Power Yoga 1.5

"The mind and breath work are not only helpful in other sporting activities, but also my daily life."
- Howard Katelman, 63, Des Moines