Power Up with Protein

By Ashley Danielson, RDN, LD

Protein is an essential part of our lives, whether you are spending more time on your mat or taking a rest day. It is a macronutrient that helps our bodies grow, refuels our muscles, and even helps repair wounds. Daily recommendations for one person may be different than another, as this depends on information like your activity level, age, weight and more.

Protein comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, or textures. When we talk about protein, it is so important to consume a variety. Not only does this help us expand our palate, but it also allows our bodies to take in different types of amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. Additionally, protein can focus on meat as the main source, or plant-based protein. The opportunities are endless! Read on for more ideas on how to power up with protein and maybe you will find your new favorite snack or meal after time on your mat.

Lean beef

Red meat, such as lean beef, contains iron that is highly bioavailable. This means that it is absorbed extremely well in your body. It is recommended to choose a lean cut of beef, such as a loin or round. Lean cuts have less saturated fat and can decrease your risk of heart disease. Choosing a 3 oz. sirloin steak would provide roughly 25 grams of protein. Pair it with complex carbohydrates like quinoa, and grilled non-starchy vegetables like broccoli, peppers and brussel sprouts for an easy dinner that helps your body recover after a sweaty hour in the studio. This Mediterranean Steak Bowl looks like a perfect option for a dinner on the patio!


Eggs are what I like to call a nutritional powerhouse. They are chalked full of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and antioxidants including zeaxanthin which helps protect the health of your eyes. A whole egg contains 6 grams of protein, and egg whites carry most of that. Eggs are versatile; you can scramble them, cook them sunny side up, or have a protein-filled snack of hardboiled eggs. Since I’m usually on my mat in the morning, I love prepping these Grab and Go Egg Bites so I have a successful week of breakfast.


Known for healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is a great fish to work into your weekly menu. Did you know that the American Heart Association recommends two servings of fish per week? Not many of us meet that. Not only does salmon contain heart healthy fats, it also carries roughly 19 grams of protein per a 3-ounce serving.  You can purchase salmon at the seafood counter, but also know that you can buy frozen salmon filets! These are still just as nutritious and frozen at that peak point to provide the protein that you need to help your muscles recover. I love the idea of a twist on salmon; instead of keeping it as a filet, try these Grilled Salmon Skewers.   


These immature soybeans are presented many times at sushi restaurants; they are also just a great appetizer to include when you are having a dinner or cocktail party. Edamame is a plant-based protein while also providing folate and fiber, among other vitamins and minerals. Although not as high as an animal-based protein, edamame still provides all of the essential amino acids that our bodies need. If you are looking to start incorporating more of a plant-based protein lifestyle, start incorporating these beans, as a cup of edamame is roughly 19 grams of protein. Grab a bag in the frozen section, and either steam, boil or microwave them. Add some low sodium soy sauce, or one of my favorites, coconut aminos, on the side for something to munch on before dinner. Bring in the veggies and the edamame! Check out this Vegetarian Thai Pineapple Forbidden Fried Rice the next time you want to incorporate edamame!

Nut butter

Peanut, almond, cashew, hazelnut, macadamia…you name it, I’m pretty sure that you can find any sort of nut butter on the shelf these days. I’ve mentioned in my previous blog posts that I’m a huge nut butter fanatic. My biggest recommendation when choosing a nut butter is to find one with the simple ingredients. Although it may take a little longer to stir or may be a little messier, I go for the jars that have minimal or no sugar added. Nut butter boasts fiber, healthy fats, and – you got it – protein! When checking out the nutrition label, you will see that the serving size of most nut butters are 2 tablespoons, and will vary in protein, anywhere from 5-8 grams of protein per serving. Whether you pair it will an apple for a nutritious snack, add it into oatmeal or into your smoothie, nut butters provide another great source of plant-based proteins! I love the idea of taste-testing nut butters so you can find some of your favorites. Want some fun ideas? This Store-Bought Peanut Butter Review gives you some variety regarding some of the nut butters you can find in grocery stores.




The purpose of this blog is solely for guidance and enjoyment.The information included on this site is not a substitute for professional medical advice, examination, diagnosis or treatment.  Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider before altering your diet, changing your exercise regimen, starting any new treatment or making changes to existing treatment.

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Kirk was working 80-hour weeks and wearing his shoulders as earrings when he found yoga in 2005. Forever the competitive athlete, he loved the physicality of yoga. When the spiritual and philosophical side of yoga were exposed to him, Kirk was hooked. Yoga provided him with what other activities couldn’t -- the ability to foster the benefits of practice both on and off of the mat. Yoga was something that Kirk could bring into all aspects of his life. 

Kirk knows that yoga can be intimidating, so he crafts a class that is playful and inviting, while still being challenging and safe. His creatively planned classes build strength and flexibility in your body and mind while establishing clarity, giving you more confidence to overcome obstacles in your life, and keeping you injury-free. His classes are themed with a message that is relatable and will inspire you to take it with you off your mat. Kirk has been teaching yoga since 2008 and lead his first teacher training in 2012. Where Kirk truly shines is in coaching, developing and bringing out the best in others.  

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