Restore Immersion

Yin yoga targets the body from navel to knees, which means it is precisely whatʼs needed in today’s society. Most Americans sit all day, either at a desk, in a car, or on a plane. Sitting in a chair is one of the worst positions for the human body.

Athletes will benefit tremendously from a yin practice as well. The muscles’ supportive group (connective tissue, fascia, and joints) get a chance to stretch to provide stability and flexibility. In this weekend intensive you will learn: 

  • The difference between Yin and Yang
  • The anatomy of Yin yoga
  • The therapeutic benefits of postures and how to sequence a Restore class
  • The practice of non-striving and how it influences our lives and our teaching.
  • The organs & Meridians of Yin
  • Simple mantras and breathing techniques to guide students to calm and relax.
  • Proper Atmosphere & Ambience

*Pre-requisites for teaching Restore at Power Life: 200-Hour Power Yoga certification, completed Restore Immersion, application and audition. Limited spots available.

Upcoming Restore Immersions

Des Moines Immersion

Late Summer 2019

Program Length: August 9 (5:30-8:30pm) and August 10 (8am-1pm)

Investment: $400

Flyer Coming Soon


Space is limited. Please contact Gayle at to register or for more information.

Kansas City Immersion

There is no Restore Immersion scheduled in Kansas City at this time. Please email with questions.