200-Hour Power Yoga Teacher Training

Step into your power – Elevate your personal practice, develop teaching skills and transform your life! Our 200 Hour Power Yoga Teacher Training is Yoga Alliance certified and great for anyone who wants to expand an existing practice or learn to teach power yoga.

This transformative program includes posture breakdowns with a focus on alignment, safety and building your own practice. We will provide you with the tools to deliver an inspiring class, one that you competently theme and sequence on your own, while providing the art of hands-on assists. You’ll learn about the history of yoga, dive into yoga philosophy, study mediation, breath work and anatomy.

We like to call this “Better Human Training”. Through the leadership training and personal development provided, you’ll walk away a better wife, husband, sister, brother, mother, father, daughter, son and human. One of the best parts of training is the connections you make with future life long friends.


Ready to deepen your practice but want to know more? Here are some questions we get most often.

Do I need to have a lot of experience in yoga to enroll in yoga teacher training?

No. All we advise is that you have an active yoga practice and that you are looking to deepen it. Whether your practice started a couple months ago or ten years ago, all we ask is that you come with an open heart and a willingness to learn.

Are books, manuals and other homework materials included in the price of training?

Yes! Your student manual, books, and all required readings are included in your enrollment fee. We distribute all of it on the first night of training.

About how many hours outside of teacher training classes will I need to spend to gain my 200- hour certification?

You will spend about 25 hours outside of the studio on assigned homework. You are also required to take 35 classes, complete 5 class observations at Power Life and participate in a community service event to earn your 200-hour certification.

What if I don’t know if I want to be a teacher?

You don’t have to be sure! Many trainees take training to elevate their personal practice, connect deeper with themselves, develop a skill set like public speaking or meet new likeminded individuals.

What if I have to miss a day or two of training?

We encourage you to attend all sessions, but we also understand that life happens. If you need to miss a session, our coaches will work with you to create a plan to make up all hours missed, so long as you do not need to miss a significant amount of days during training.

What if I don’t finish everything required of me within the allotted time of training?

Totally fine! You will be awarded your certificate upon completion of all requirements outlined at the beginning of training, whether that takes you 8 weeks or one year. Everyone works at their own pace, so don’t let the timeline scare you away from taking training if you’re ready to take this step.

What style of yoga is Power Life Yoga’s teacher training based?

Power Life’s training is based in Power Yoga and the foundations set forth by Baron Baptiste. During training you will also have opportunities to explore other styles of yoga to give you a broader understanding of yoga.

Will I be certified to teach yoga after completing your training?

Yes! Once you’ve successfully complete the requirements of training, you’ll be awarded a graduation certificate. You can then register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT-200. This designation is recognized around the world as having met the criteria of completing a training program of the highest quality.

What is required to become a teacher at Power Life Yoga?

Power Life is committed to hiring the top graduates from our training programs. Auditions are held following graduation. Our students have very high standards, so we select the best of the best from auditions. In an audition, you’ll see fellow graduates, graduates from past trainings and experienced teachers that may be new to the area.

We also have a teacher in training program for those that need a bit more refinement in their teaching. Those that are invited to join this program teach a free community class on a rotating basis while regularly receiving feedback.

It is not uncommon for teachers to audition here multiple times while gaining experience elsewhere. Others choose to continue to walk the path exclusively of a student.

Am I too busy to do 200-hour teacher training?

Short answer: probably not. We offer a training schedule spread over ten weeks that is held on evenings and Saturdays to accommodate most schedules. While 200 hours is a lot of time, it is a choice and commitment you make when you enroll knowing how much you will gain from the experience. We feel there is never a “perfect” time to take training. If the desire to take training burns in your heart, then jump in! However, if you feel as though right now is an excessively busy time in your life, and you know you’d have to miss too many sessions, then maybe you sign up for the next training. Sometimes the perfect time is now, and the only thing keeping you from jumping in is you.