Cycle Strength – All-level indoor cycle fusion class – No heat

45 minutes | Downtown & West Glen Studios

First come, first serve! It’s simple to join in the fun for our Cycle Strength classes. Just sign in at the front desk as you would for any other Power Life class. Cycle Strength is a perfect combination of total body burnout with leg work on the bike and upper body strength training off the bike using weights and/or medicine balls. If you like community, upbeat music, energetic people and, of course, a full-body workout, Cycle Strength is the perfect class for you!

"Cycle Strength is one of my favorite classes! My legs reach burnout, then it's time to hop off the bike. It's a fun challenge!"
-Sami P., Des Moines

Cycle Fusion

"Cycle Strength allows me to work hard both mentally and physically."
-Sarah S., Des Moines