Building Blocks: Dancer Pose

Posted on: March 20th, 2019 by DigiSage Inc.

How to do Dancer Pose

  • Bend your elbow to the side of your body, palm face up, eye of your elbow facing outward
  • Bend your knee and reach back to capture the inside arch of your foot
  • Bring your knees together to touch
  • Kick your foot into your hand to propel your chest forward and broaden your heart space
  • Square your hips forward toward the top edge of your mat
  • Keep your chest higher than your hips
  • Actively press the back of your lifted thigh towards the ceiling

When practicing Dancer Pose, Be Mindful Of…

  • Knee out to the side/hips open and not square toward the front of your mat
  • Internal rotation of the arm holding your back foot

Modifications for Dancer Pose

  • Kick less vigorously to ease tension in your lower back
  • Bend your standing knee to create more stability

Why We Love Dancer Pose

  • Strengthens the standing leg
  • Improves balance and concentration
  • Stretches quads, hip flexors, chest and front of shoulders

Want Hands-on Instruction?

Find a class and let our expert instructors help you begin or deepen your yoga practice. A certified yoga instructor can help ensure proper alignment through gentle corrections (if you like), is happy to answer your questions before or after class, and can even help you focus by encouraging mindfulness throughout class. Finally, many students enjoy the physical touch of their instructors, and of course the community that we foster here at Power Life.

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